Caught in the Net

by Jessica Thomas

She’s intelligent. She’s witty. She lives in Provincetown and she’s got a great dog. Pretty good credentials, one would think. So how come private investigator Alex Peres is single…again?

When a sneaker washes up on the cold winter beach, Alex and her four-legged partner, Fargo, are sent on an unlikely adventure. But that’s nothing compared to the one-on-one thrill ride of a new relationship.

From the moment Janet Meacham walks into the Wharf Rat Bar, Alex’s usually stable world rocks like never before. Just as work and love seem to settle down, that sneaker comes back to kick Alex right between the eyes.

Alex would do anything for Janet–remodel her bachelor household, clean out the closets and even make Fargo share the bed. But if she can’t figure out where that sneaker came from, Alex may not live long enough to enjoy the happy-ever-after ending she’s finally let herself believe in.

First-time author Jessica Thomas delivers an exciting, wickedly observant story of mystery, danger and love. For Alex Peres, they’re all the same thing. Winner, Golden Crown Award for Lesbian Mystery.

Alex Peres Mystery Series Book 1.





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Genre Mystery
Length 188
Publication Date January 15, 2004
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513548e
Editor Karin Kallmaker
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • This is the first in the Alex Peres series, but these books can be read out of order with only minor spoilers.
  • Four out of six Alex Peres mysteries have been finalists for or won nationally recognized awards.
  • No contest - Fargo is our favorite mystery dog.
  • A true cozy - long on characters and puzzles, low on gore
  • Jessica Thomas has a unique style of wit and wordsmithing that makes her books a joy to read. She published her first book in her 70s.


Lambda Book Report

Lynne Maxwell - May, 2005: Jessica Thomas' detective, Alex Peres, is a refreshing change from the wealthy, privileged private investigators I've been encountering in other recent lesbian mystery novels. Unlike the prestigiously educated trust fund babies who just happen to do detecting for fun in so many other lesbian mysteries, Alex Peres is a true working class private investigator. Not for her are extravagant vacations and investigations in glamorous tropical locales; instead, she has a living to make in her hometown, which just so happens to be Provincetown, Mass.

Golden Crown Literary Society

Caught in the Net - Winner, Best Lesbian Mystery.

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