Survival of Love

by Frankie J. Jones

What do you do when you fall in love with your best friend’s daughter?

Denise and Jody have been best friends for over 35 years. They’ve been through everything together, always finding comfort and solace in their enduring friendship. After living apart for years, they’re now following their lifelong dream of opening their own flower shop together. Life has never been better.

The last time Jody met Denise’s daughter, Ellen was nothing more than a seventeen-year-old whiney, spoiled brat. So when Denise announces that the now twenty-six-year-old Ellen is returning home with a broken heart, Jody can’t help feeling a total lack of sympathy for the younger woman. But then Denise tells Jody that Ellen has confided that she’s a lesbian…and who better than Jody to take Ellen under her wing and show her the lesbian life in San Antonio?

Jody cannot believe that the once spoiled child has grown into such a kind and exquisite woman. She and Ellen find their attraction for each other overwhelming…but can they confront and overcome all of the challenges that lay ahead?

Not only is Denise furious about their new relationship, but Ellen’s ex-lover has come to town to try to win her back…and then there’s something even more devastating that could threaten to tear all of them apart forever…



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Genre Romance
Publication Date May 15, 2004
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513555
Editor Christine Cassidy
Cover Designer Bonnie Liss


  • Set in Frankie Jones's beloved San Antonio Texas.


Just About Write
Arlene Germain - September, 2004: For Jody Scott, eighteen years of scrabbling on Wall Street is enough, not to mention the many disastrous romantic relationships along the way. She has moved back to San Antonio to begin a new life. Jody and her best friend of thirty-five years, Denise Murray, have become business partners, and together they have opened a flower shop called Petal Pushers. Over the years, these two women have faced those things which have a tendency to "get in the way" of living one's life.

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