Once More With Feeling

by Peggy J. Herring

Entertaining…utterly engaging…and real. An everyday lesbian world so credible you’ll think you’re eavesdropping. Where you will find the challenges as well as the joys of love and friendship. Where you will find yourself, and the women you know After eight years, Laura’s relationship with Mavis has collapsed, as much from its decreasing weight and passion as from Mavis’s casual infidelity.

Taking temporary refuge with close friends Jolly and Wanda, Laura begins to put herself back together, her first step a brief but erotic interlude in Hawaii. But the most healing person she knows seems to be her own solitary self, and the most healing place, her own house. In the meantime, ex-partner Mavis is busy charming other women. But still she is a presence—an intrusion, feels Laura—in Laura’s life, bringing over her newest partners, prevailing upon Laura to widen her horizons, to continue their love as loyal friendship. Then Laura meets appealing, enigmatic Robin… and suddenly finds the possibility of a new relationship. A possibility that intrigues Laura. And completely flabbergasts Mavis…



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Genre Romance
Length 212
Publication Date January 1, 1995
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513609
Editor Christine Cassidy
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles




Just About Write

Praise for Peggy Herring! February, 2008: Peggy Herring is an experienced and accomplished writer. She knows how to spin a tale and keep it moving to hold the reader's interest.


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