Wild Things

by Karin Kallmaker

Scholar and award-winning author Faith Fiztgerald has every reason to be happy: a wealthy, charming man who adores her and a family cheering her marriage prospects. But from the moment she meets Eric’s sister, Sydney Van Allen, she knows her safe, predictable feelings for him are a shadow of what could be.

Openly lesbian and running for Senator, Sydney can only succeed if she can live down her wild past. That means no liaisons, especially with the achingly alluring woman on her brother’s arm who looks at her with confusion—and desire.

First published by Naiad Press 1996.





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Genre Romance
Publication Date January 1, 1996
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513647e
Editor Lisa Epson
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • Fans won't want to miss the follow-up short stories in Frosting on the Cake Volumes 1 & 2.


The Lesbian Review
As always, Kallmaker is a glorious writer. She is one of the best in the sector and when you read any of her books, including this one, you will see why I say that. This is a sweet romance. It takes a while for the main characters to get together because a lot of time is spent on Faith coming to terms with who she is. It is beautifully written and starkly shows the difference between settling for what is considered ‘normal’ and what your heart really wants. I am a believer that Kallmaker is one of the greats in the genre. Go read this book. Heck, just go read all of her books.

On Our Own
A tale of romance, with just enough hot sex to keep it interesting, Wild Things will brighten the day for all of the truly romantic-at-heart.

Customer Reviews

1 review for Wild Things – eBook

  1. cheekybugger13

    If you haven’t read Karin Kallmaker’s “Wild Things,” you simply MUST!

    It’s a phenomenally constructed love story about 2 vastly different women whose intensely powerful feelings for each other transcends all boundaries.

    It’s mesmerising.

    It’s poetic.

    It’s poetry in motion.

    True love. All its complexities. All its nuances. All its compulsion. All its power. Defined so beautifully with words that leave you wanting more.

    Hands down, “Wild Things” is arguably one of my top 3 favourite Kallmaker novels (definitely one of my all-time favourite novels) including its sequels:

    – READ IT .

    Honestly, Karin Kallmaker, I bow to your ever-masterful writing genius. Thank YOU for this unforgettable, mind-blowing love story. A breathtaking romance for the ages.

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