Last Call

by Baxter Clare

LAPD Homicide Lieutenant L. A. “Frank” Franco is back in the latest installment of the popular Detective Franco Mystery series.

Six years ago, Lieutenant L. A. Franco’s partner, Detective Noah Jantzen, investigated the case of a double homicide of two innocent children. Unable to close the case, the two murdered children haunted Noah for years…

Now that case is haunting Frank, who must cope with the loss of her dear friend and right-hand man. Unwilling to deal with her grief, Franco buries herself in obsessive work, rigid denial and bottle after bottle of her favorite alcoholic beverage. Frank’s refusal to mourn her old friend strains her business relationships and more importantly, the romantic relationship with the county’s Chief Coroner.

Focused only on solving the cold case of the murdered children, can Frank see the cost to those around her…and the risk to her own life?

L.A. Franco Detective Series Book 4.



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Genre Mystery
Length 216 pages
Publication Date June 15, 2004
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513708
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • Fourth in the L.A. Franco Detective Lammy-finalist series.


Lambda Book Report
Arlene Germain - November, 2004: In this latest installment of the Detective Franco mystery series, Last Call, Lt. L.A. "Frank" Franco is attempting to solve a cold case: a six-year-old double child homicide. The untimely death of her former partner and best friend on the force, Noah Jantzen, has prompted her to take on this task.

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