Wizard of Isis

by Jean Stewart

The long-awaited fifth book in the immensely popular Women of Isis! Winner, GCLS Goldie Award!

The year is 2095. Following a deadly plague, America has split into two civilizations: Elysium on the east coast and Freeland on the west, with a vast continent made up of a Wilderness and a radioactive Toxic Zone between them.

In this sequal to Winged Isis, Tomyris Whitaker, the leader of Isis, and her wing woman Danu Sullivan, have chased two Elysian jets across the Border and into the land inhabited by Freeland’s mortal enemy, the Elysium Regulators.

Following the crash landing of their aircraft, the Freelanders are cast adrift in a civilization that has regressed almost four hundred years. Elysium has become a feudal empire of politically powerful clerics, landholders and serfs. A land of king-like Procurators where strong-minded women are condemned as witches and burned at the stake. Whit and Danu fall in with a band of Amazon rebels as they fight for survival.

Meanwhile in Freeland, Kali and Tor grow impatient with procedural delays and mount their own rescue mission to save Whit and Danu.

As the four Freelanders grow more determined than ever to be reunited, Kali’s rescue mission goes awry, and Whit finds herself fighting to save Kali’s life.

Jean Stewart back with another stunningly rich novel of a rich, futuristic society.



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Genre Fantasy
Length 236 pages
Publication Date April 15, 2004
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513722
Editor Anna Chinappi
Cover Designer G.V. Shea


  • The Isis series is a Goldie winner and three-time Lammy finalist.
  • Wizard of Isis is Book 5 in the Isis series.

Kudos for the Isis Series
GCLS Goldie Awards: Wizard of Isis, Winner, Best Lesbian Science-Fiction

Lambda Literary Awards: Return to Isis, Finalist, Best LGBT Science-Fiction; Warriors of Isis - Finalist, Best LGBT Science-Fiction; Wizard of Isis, Finalist, Best LGBT Science-Fiction.

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