Gulf Breeze

by Gerri Hill

Dr. Carly Cambridge, wildlife biologist, returns to the Texas Gulf Coast to manage the latest Habitats for Nature project, restoring the woods and wetlands to their natural state.

She is devoted to the environmental cause with a passion usually reserved for a lover – something she hasn’t had since a disastrous love affair ten years earlier. Having sworn off women and relationships, Carly is perfectly content to live her life alone while she focuses on her latest project.

Wildlife photographer Pat Ryan is duped into volunteering her talents to the cause, but she wants no part of the overzealous Dr. Cambridge.

While they spend most of their time sparring and bickering, an early season hurricane finds them fighting nature – instead of each other – to save the wetlands and the birds that brought them together.

Soon Carly finds her heart opening, little by little, and struggles to ignore the feelings that are growing between them. And Pat, always searching for that certain someone to take her breath away, can’t believe for a moment that the woman she’s been waiting for could possibly be Carly.





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Genre Romance
Length 276
Publication Date December 15, 2003
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513975e
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • Gerri Hill loves the Gulf Coast and has set several novels there. For more of that lush setting in a thriller, look for The Scorpion.
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Lambda Literary Foundation
Gulf Breeze - Finalist, Best Lesbian Romance.

GCLS Goldie Awards
Gulf Breeze - Finalist, Best Lesbian Romance.


Lambda Book Report
Kathy Vogeltanz - January, 2005: Gulf Breeze is appropriately named; it's perfect beach-reading material. It moves along smoothly with a straightforward plot, believable characters and clear language.

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