Guarded Hearts

by Hannah Rickard

Alyssa Norland is a woman with a past. A secret past ““ complete with a different name and identity. Now making her living as a professional dog trainer in a small Michigan town, Alyssa wants nothing more than to forget all about the life she left behind.

But someone doesn’t want her to forget. Someone is making threatening calls and taunting Alyssa with her real name. Then the burglaries begin and all evidence points to Alyssa as the obvious suspect…

Former cop Sue Hunter doesn’t believe for one moment that Alyssa is guilty of any crime. But proving Alyssa’s innocence might prove difficult ““ if not deadly.

As a mutual attraction builds between the two women, neither can be certain of whether or not they can trust the other. And for Alyssa, how can she believe in Sue when Sue commits the ultimate betrayal?



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Genre Mystery
Publication Date December 15, 2003
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513999
Editor Christi Cassidy
Cover Designer Bonnie Liss

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