Fated Love

by Radclyffe

What do you do when your carefully planned life takes a wrong turn into hell? When Quinn Maguire, a dashing young trauma surgeon, unaccountably accepts a position as an ER physician, her new boss, Honor Blake, suspects that Quinn is hiding a dark secret. While the two declare an uneasy truce in an effort to work together, both struggle with mutual, and unexpected, attraction. Honor, however, has more than one reason to resist her growing feelings for the attractive newcomer—not the least of which is that her heart belongs to the woman whose wedding ring she wears. Amidst the chaos and drama of a busy emergency room, Quinn and Honor must contend not only with the fragile nature of life, but also with the mysteries of the heart and the irresistible forces of fate.

A PMC Hospital Romance Book 1.



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Genre Romance
Length 312 pages
Publication Date September 1, 2004
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781933110059

Customer Reviews

1 review for Fated Love – Paperback

  1. cheekybugger13

    “Fated Love” by the queen of medical romance, Radclyffe, comes HIGHLY recommended!

    What a fantastic weaving of a love story between 2 very different individuals. Caught me off-guard with their respective reveals of their past and/or situation! I was definitely not expecting it, which made it all the more captivating & engrossing to read! Both with secrets in their own right. But despite going through all that, which would have tampered their attraction to each other, they managed to slowly but surely reconciled their internal obstacles and built on their undeniable chemistry and connection with one another as they fell deeper in love with each other.

    I also enjoyed the camaraderie amongst Honor & her friends, Quinn & her sister. Their inter-connectivity gave the story more depth and realism.

    This 1st installment in the ER series, is a brilliant read. It’s romantic, it’s heartfelt, it’s grown up with all the drama of personal & professional responsibilities and good ol’ angst, masterfully crafted to draw your heart in, good and proper. And it’s Radclyffe so…Satisfaction guaranteed!

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