Lady Knight

by L-J Baker

Rhiannon, outcast and female knight, seeks a cause worthy of a chivalric hero in a medieval world of magic and misogyny. Eleanor, a wealthy widow, has given up all hero of finding passionate love and her perfect knight—until she meets Rhiannon. Aveline, a powerful priestess, needs a warrior for her secret mission of starting a holy war. She binds Rhiannon with double-edged oaths and a magical sword.
A love affair worthy of troubadours’ songs clashes with loyalty, intrigue, ambition, and war, tangling the three women in a web that perhaps not even Rhiannon’s sword can cut through.






Genre Romance, Adventure
Length 336 pages
Publication Date April 1, 2007
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781933110752e

Customer Reviews

1 review for Lady Knight – eBook

  1. Philippe C.

    Great plot. Attractive characters. I would have loved a sequel.

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