Iz's Journey

by Doreen Perrine

In this sequel to Clara’s Story

After Claire buys a Brooklyn brownstone, she is forced to take a deadly dull job in her father’s bank, instead of in the art world she loves. Her nutty family is as fractured as ever, and she can’t forget her whirlwind romance in Italy with the charming, but quirky artist, Isabelle. Out of the blue, Isabelle arrives in New York, turning Claire’s world—and heart—upside down. Topsy turvy life with Isabelle is filled with enticing glimpses of a happy future and with jumbled questions. Will Isabelle stay or be swallowed up in her world across the pond—again? And can Claire summon the sheer guts she needs to face the demons of her past, embrace the present, and reach for the sky?



Genre Romance
Length 284
Publication Date October 1, 2012
Publisher Bedazzled Ink
ISBN 9781934452776e

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