Re: Building Sasha

by S. Renee Bess

Sasha Lewis, the uber-competent manager of Whittingham Builders, finds herself drowning in a riptide of distrust as she struggles to maintain her relationship with Lee Simpson. A genius at balancing details, Sasha commits a career-derailing error while being distracted by Lee’s threat to burn down their house and its contents.

Lee’s flagrant sexual liaisons with a business client, Angela Jackman, and her escalating deeds of emotional cruelty rip apart Sasha. In self-imposed exile from most of her friends, Sasha recalls a brief encounter with Avery Sloan; an encounter destined to become more meaningful when Avery’s social service agency hires Whittingham Builders to rehab an old Victorian house.

What hateful acts will Lee perform in an effort to degrade Sasha? How much damage will Sasha endure before she begins to rebuild her spirit? Will Sasha grab Avery’s outstretched hand and accept the gentle yet exciting offer of love she sees in this woman?





Genre Romance
Length 236 pages
Publication Date January 1, 2008
Publisher Flashpoint Publications
ISBN 9781935053071
Cover Designer Donna Pawlowski

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