by Diane Salvatore

One of the finest novels of this or any season unveils a story taken from many lesbian lives, a story that will awaken memories in us all…

Grace is a junior at Immaculate Blessing Academy for Girls in Queens, New York. She deeply admires young, devout Sister Mary Alice. Her best friend is Anne, whose central topic of conversation is how far she will go with her boyfriend. Grace is relieved to be dating unaggressive Glen, who is thinking of becoming a priest.

Grace looks up to the swaggering, self-assured Linda Amato, star center of the champion basketball team. Then she accidentally discovers an electrifying secret about Linda.

When Grace meets rebellious, sensuous Meg, her entire life becomes a cauldron of powerful emotion and chaotic desire. To be close to her, Grace defies her mother. And risks her friendship with Anne. Glen makes new demands and Sister Mary Alice issues a troubling moral challenge.

And Meg—what is Grace to make of Meg’s ardent yet contradictory behavior? Can the intimidating, intriguing Linda Amato help to lead

Grace out of this morass? And will Grace have the courage to break all conventions and claim the love, and the life, she comes to see is her
true nature and destiny?

This book was originally published in 1991 by Naiad Press.





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Genre Lesbian General Fiction
Publisher Spinsters Ink
ISBN 9781935226116e

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