American Yakuza IV: Blood Honor

by Isabella

Luce Potter, the only female head of a yakuza organization, has been flirting with death for a while now. Try to take something away from her, hurt her family, or threaten her life, and she strikes back with viper-like precision. Now, Frank Yeow, her dead grandfather’s former second-in-command, is coming for her again. This time he’s working with Carolina Petrov, the widow of her most recent nemesis. Luce finds herself pulled in two directions, with sweet revenge on one side and her lover’s happiness on the other, including a family and everything that comes with it: PTA, soccer, and sit-down dinners on Sundays.

Brooke Erickson is ready for the quiet life that includes babies, a house in the country, and her lover, Luce Potter. Brooke stepped up to lead the yakuza clan when Luce was kidnapped and almost killed, but now she thinks that danger is behind them and it’s their time to be happy, domestic, and drama-free. There’s only one problem: Luce doesn’t see herself as the mommy type and is finding it hard to put her past behind her.

With Frank’s help, Mei Potter has finally found her sister and been at least superficially accepted into the family, but it is clear that Luce doesn’t want anything to do with her. Mei has her foot in the door, but it will take more than a claim of blood ties to earn Luce’s trust enough to enact her nefarious endgame. Getting close to Luce brings up questions of birthright and honor, Mei must navigate a tricky dance with Luce and the crime family while Frank’s iron grip steers her to complete her mission—one way or another.

Three lives are intertwined yet moving in different directions. Can each survive long enough to get what they want, or are they all on a one-way path toward collective destruction?

American Yakuza Series Book 4.



Genre Romance
Publication Date June 15, 2020
Publisher Sapphire Books Publishing
ISBN 9781939062949e
Editor Heather Flournoy
Cover Designer Fineline Cover Design

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