Rabbits of the Apocalypse

by Benny Lawrence

In the remote desert town of Lafontaine, Casey Prentice has been trying to survive the endtimes by keeping her head down, refusing to give a damn about anyone except her younger sister Emily and wingman Malice Hiroyama. But that ceases to be an option when a powerful and mysterious entity known as the Anastasian League descends on the town.

Casey uncharacteristically, and unwisely, offers shelter to Pax, one of the League’s escaping prisoners. In doing so, she invites a whole new kind of danger into her life. Because the town of Lafontaine has a secret… and if the League discovers it, then the apocalypse will be the least of Casey’s worries.



Genre Fantasy
Length 220 pages
Publication Date December 1, 2014
Publisher Bedazzled Ink
ISBN 9781939562753e

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