To Love Free

by Chris Paynter

World-renowned artist Madison Lorraine leads a quiet life in Islamorada, Florida, with her nine-year-old daughter, Mo. Madison hasn’t painted in over three years since her wife and muse, Callie, lost her battle with cancer.

Supermodel Gabrielle Valenci’s arrival at her family home in Islamorada unsettles Madison’s comfortable routine. Gabrielle has left a floundering relationship behind in New York and travels to Florida to undergo the last of her chemotherapy. Her prognosis is excellent, but her journey since the initial cancer diagnosis has been rocky.

The appearance of a dolphin in their cove coincides with Gabrielle’s arrival next door. With each unannounced visit, he inspires Gabrielle and Madison as he gently nudges them together. Soon, Madison is accompanying Gabrielle to her treatments. Although the bond between them strengthens and their mutual attraction grows, both are hesitant to take the next step. Can they learn To Love Free again?

Sometimes, the fragile human heart is reluctant to heal. But Madison and Gabrielle never counted on the persistence of one determined, magical dolphin they call “Free.”



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Genre Romance
Length 242 pages
Publication Date October 1, 2014
Publisher Companion Publications
ISBN 9781942204008
Editor Julie Harthill Clayton
Cover Designer Chris Paynter & Ann Phillips

Customer Reviews

1 review for To Love Free – Paperback

  1. Ameliah

    This book was amazing! I LOVED every bit of it!! It was engaging, entertaining, fascinating and so very beautiful! The details are fantastic and really draw you into the tale. The story moved me and I fell in love with these incredible women.

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