Survived by Her Longtime Companion

by Chris Paynter

Hired to work on a biography of the late film star, Daphne DeMonet, Bailey Hampton arrives to conduct an interview with Eleanor Burnett, Daphne’s “longtime companion.” To Bailey’s dismay, she learns Eleanor has set up a co-interview with Bailey’s ex-partner, Chelsea Parker.

Estranged for eleven months, the two women hide their painful memories and strain to be civil to one another. Eleanor startles them by insisting that they take turns reading aloud from Eleanor’s diaries of her life with Daphne DeMonet. Only after the diaries are read in her presence will Eleanor proceed with a full interview.

Once Eleanor discovers that Bailey and Chelsea are ex-partners, the diary readings take on a new meaning for her. Can they learn from the mistakes she and Daphne made as young lovers? Will that knowledge bring Bailey and Chelsea together again? Or is it too late to mend their broken relationship?

2nd Edition





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Genre Romance
Length 223 pages
Publication Date September 1, 2014
Publisher Companion Publications
ISBN 9781942204084e
Cover Designer Ann Phillips

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1 review for Survived by Her Longtime Companion – eBook

  1. Ameliah

    This book is AWESOME and ever so hard, but its beauty makes up for that. I don’t have the words I need to make anyone see how…special this book is. The story is about Bailey and Chelsea, but it revolves around Eleanor’s diaries of her life with Daphne. A great deal of the book is their story and it’s not always easy or pretty. If you only read one book by this author, make it this one! It is truly awe inspiring!!!

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