And a Time to Dance

by Chris Paynter

Corey Banner is happy in a six-year relationship with her partner Judy, and sees only a bright future ahead for them. But Corey’s life is turned upside down when a car accident tragically claims Judy’s life. Two years later, still broken and reeling from her painful loss, Corey moves from her home in Lansing, Michigan, to Grand Lake, Colorado. There, she hopes to begin healing.

Erin Flannery and her Aunt Tess are co-owners of Grand Lake’s Rainbow Lodge. Erin questions Tess’s immediate hiring of Corey as the lodge’s new head of maintenance—but then it takes a lot for a woman to earn Erin’s trust. Afraid to put her heart on the line after her partner’s betrayal five years before, Erin is not ready for any long-term commitment and covers her pain with meaningless one-night stands.

Although Corey and Erin start out on shaky ground, as the summer months go by their friendship slowly grows into something more. Will Corey take a leap of faith and allow love to enter her heart again? And will Erin stop running long enough to trust a woman who seems almost too good to be true?

Against the backdrop of the magnificent Rocky Mountains, Corey and Erin must decide: will they let fear rule their lives—or will they simply let go and dance another dance with love.

2nd Edition





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Genre Romance
Length 187 pages
Publication Date September 1, 2014
Publisher Companion Publications
ISBN 9781942204107e
Cover Designer Ann Phillips

Customer Reviews

1 review for And a Time to Dance – eBook

  1. Ameliah

    I love how Ms. Paynter tells a story. She makes you feel like you are a part of the tale. So beautifully written, the details are wonderful and the plot so lovely and special. The settings are stunning and make me wish I could be there!! I admire the courage Corey has and even though Erin messes up a bit, she really does try. These women are so hurt, but they are attracted to each other, and in spite of their fears are doing their best to move ahead. Tess is wonderful as well. I love her no nonsense self and her desire to help Erin and Corey find peace and happiness.

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