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A Quantum Convergence

by C.A. Farlow

Lauren Beckwith, environmental scientist and pediatric oncologist, works tirelessly to identify industrial pollution and the corporations responsible. When the pollution is in the pristine wildness of northern Colorado, her own backyard, her friends challenge her professional ethics and demand that she not just identify the pollution but do something about it. Things spiral out of control, as Lauren begins to question her life choices and culpability in enabling the corporations to continue damaging our fragile ecosystem. Alexandra Aoeron Aonwyn, Queen of Fuar Ćala, is struggling with the after effects of a heinous bio weapon released on her world. The children are falling ill with a mysterious disease. If she is not able to find information about her enemy’s weapon for her healing technicians, her people are doomed to die with this generation. A winter field trip, a ragging blizzard, and a grievous injury bring Lauren and Alex together. Will Lauren find answers to her self-doubt and professional guilt? Can she help Alex find a cure for her people? Only a soul mates bond is strong enough to create a quantum convergence and allow them to find each other and heal.

The Nexus Trilogy Book 1.






Genre Science-Fiction
Length 328 pages
Publication Date July 1, 2016
Publisher Desert Palm Press
ISBN 9781942976165e
Editor Kellie Doherty
Cover Designer Rachel George

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Quantum Convergence, A – eBook

  1. Michelle from Tucson

    I admit to being new to fantasy/sci-fi, or whatever genre this falls in. To be honest, I bought it because it sounded interesting and it was on sale. I’m so glad I did! I literally couldn’t put the book down. I stayed up way too late and read in between working the next day. Good thing I’m self employed. 😉 The massive amounts of knowledge and research that went into the book is mind boggling…literally. Some of it flew way over my head, but I didn’t mind at all, because the story, the characters, the writing captivated me! Thank you C.A Farlow for the incredible amount of work that must have gone into writing this story! What a success! Read it…you won’t be disappointed, and then you can join me waiting for Book Two!!

  2. Brenda A

    This is a great book, I loved it. Don’t hesitate buy it and you won’t be sorry.

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