Warrior Class: Sky Cutter

by S.L. Kassidy

In the world of Prime, the Roshan Empire has spread from the East, conquering all before them. Led by one of the Empire’s deadliest warriors, Queen Ashni, the Roshan are now set to take the West, starting with King Dorian’s city-state. King Dorian needs time to mount a proper defense against the mighty army. How does he get the time? He sends them his daughter, Princess Nakia, as a goodwill hostage. Princess Nakia has to learn to survive among people she has heard are barbarians.

Warrior Class Series Book 1.





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Genre Fantasy
Length 244 pages
Publication Date July 10, 2018
Publisher Desert Palm Press
ISBN 9781942976820e
Editor Glenda Poulter
Cover Designer Jamani Hawkins-El

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