Revelations: Adearian Chronicles Book 2

by Shannon Harris

What would you do if you were faced with finding and saving the one person who held your heart, but you only had two weeks to do it?

When the unexpected happens and Lanis’s world is turned upside down, her and Elson have no choice but to align themselves with two people from a strange land. With new enemies at play, and a Goddess that seems to have forsaken them, Lanis relies on the only people she can; her friends. To fight the demons that plague her daily, she has to separate her love for Anya, from the task she must perform. On top of the unknowns, she is gifted a small black book that changes the way she sees everything and everyone around her. As her world starts to crumble, Lanis must face her fears and the nightmares that invade her dreams. With the hours ticking away, she must come to terms with the fact that she might already be too late.



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Genre Romance, Science-Fiction
Length 296 pages
Publication Date June 1, 2016
Publisher Sapphire Books Publishing
ISBN 9781943353330
Editor Kaycee Hawn
Cover Designer Michelle Brodeur

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