by Liz McMullen

Desiree Chevalier is determined to control her own destiny, and that includes shaking her mother’s iron grip on her life. Rosalie Chevalier is not going down without a fight. She’s a corporate raider after all and it just wouldn’t do to have a wayward daughter. When Desiree steps away from the Chevalier fortune to put herself through Mount Holyoke College, Rosalie decides to show up on her doorstep. Although her mother digs in, Desiree refuses to bend.

Rowan Knight is working just as hard as Desiree to put herself through school. She is intrigued by Desiree but also wary of the icy reception she receives each time they meet. Rosalie’s persistent interference in Desiree’s life intensifies the tension between Desiree and Rowan. Will they be able to move past the obstacles in their path, or will their love remain unspoken?






Genre Romance
Length 234 pages
Publication Date July 1, 2016
Publisher Sapphire Books Publishing
ISBN 9781943353361e
Editor Nikki Busch
Cover Designer Michelle Brodeur

Customer Reviews

1 review for Unspoken – eBook

  1. Ameliah (verified owner)

    This book has great flow and is technically sound. I liked the conflict between Desiree and her mother—it added to the mysteries of the book. I could not imagine why she was so hateful to her daughter and I was amazed when I found out the reasons were revealed. Rowan was my hero as she was so protective of Desiree when they dealt with her mother. Rowan is amazingly strong as she guards her secret pain and Desiree is so patient, gentle, calming and soothing when Rowan needs her to be. They really took turns being strong when the other felt weak or sad. I really loved the gentle and tender relationship that Desiree and Rowan formed. I liked how they took things slowly, building a solid friendship before becoming too intimate. They make a great couple. The ending was just so endearing and sweet. 

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