The Details in the Design

by Shannon M. Harris

Every stitch tells a story.

Avery Michaels has longed to work in the fashion industry since she was six years old. Now at thirty-two she’s fed up with her job as a food critic and signs up with an employment agency that promises to find anyone their dream job.

She is thrilled when she gets an interview with the fashion house of her choice, Catherine Davenport Designs. There’s only one problem. For the past six years, Avery has had a massive crush on Catherine, one of the hottest fashion designers of the past two decades.

In the midst of a new job, nosey friends, Catherine’s meddling daughters, difficult co-workers, and a dachshund named Polly, Avery also has to contend with a new woman that enters Catherine’s life.

From the start, Avery knows winning Catherine’s heart will be no easy feat. When curve ball after curve ball is thrown her way, does she scrap her design or make it work.



Genre Romance
Length 164 pages
Publication Date May 1, 2017
Publisher Sapphire Books Publishing
ISBN 9781943353804e
Editor Kaycee Hawn
Cover Designer Michelle Brodeur

Customer Reviews

1 review for Details in the Design, The – eBook

  1. Ameliah

    There is something about an older woman and this book has nailed the wonderfulness of it… Ms. Harris is a fantastic writer. She transports you into the story and her words are an addiction and I simply could not get enough. …is funny, emotional, fun and sweet. It is a treasure and a book that is already in my MUST read again pile!!

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