The Resistance

by Roselle Graskey and Cheyne Curry

The Resistance (Book Two of the Sanctuary Series) picks up where Book One, The End, left off…

With the release of her repressed memories, Branna Maguire returns to Sanctuary with warnings of deeper, more widespread dangers than that which they were already aware. Now she must answer the summons to rescue the mysterious Dr. Elaine Madras.

Along with a reluctant Devon Prescott, they trek to just outside Yakima, Washington, connecting with Dr. Madras to discover her reported situation isn’t what it seems. Maguire then learns of their next mission: mount a resistance to combat the forces that orchestrated Day Zero.

Back at Sanctuary, Carrie takes advantage of Maguire’s absence to reclaim her old position of Captain of the Guard, proving that not all dangers are outside of Sanctuary.

New leaders are forged. Alliances form with the men’s camp. Skirmishes develop with former allies. Surprise personal attacks disrupt cohesion and all incidents test their resolve and their fighting skills in preparation of the struggle for survival.

Join Maguire and the rest as they continue their journey to figure out how to get the world back.





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Genre Fantasy, Dystopian
Length 212 pages
Publication Date February 28, 2019
Publisher Bossy Pants Books
ISBN 9781945124044e
Cover Designer Karen D. Badger

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