by Karen D. Badger

After a year of strife and anxiety—and intent on celebrating Cat’s clean bill of health—the Charlands plan a family vacation to regroup, reconnect and revive their love for life and for one another.  What better choice than the beautiful National  Parks in America’s mid-west?

They plan a week of horseback riding, hiking, fishing and kayaking, all while living in a rustic frontier cabin in the wilderness area of Yellowstone National Park…devoid of electricity, running water and cell-phone signals.  One could imagine how well-received that concept would be for today’s device-addicted youth!

Unbeknownst to them, Mother Nature decides to join them on their vacation  and true to her name, provides them with a close up look at how powerful and truly dangerous she can be.

Between teenagers coming into their own and struggling with their identities, to Mother Nature stowing away on their trip, this becomes a vacation to remember, and one that will leave memories, good and bad, burned into their hearts forever.

Come join the family celebrate life in this eighth installment of the Billie/Cat Commitment Series.

Book eight of the Commitment Series.



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Genre Lesbian General Fiction
Length 240 pages
Publication Date December 1, 2018
Publisher Badger Bliss Books
ISBN 9781945761249
Cover Designer Karen D. Badger

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