The Fifty and One

by Karen D. Badger

Lia Purvis and Elliot Walker find themselves in a fight for Lia’s life two months after they freed the souls of the slaves tortured by a sadistic, aristocratic mistress one hundred and eighty years earlier in New Orleans. With the assistance of their friends Marissa, Julie and Phoebe, Lia and Elliot thought they had eliminated the evil mistress, but now she was free, and the future suddenly seems uncertain.

They have the insurmountable task of breaking the curse that has killed every descendant in the lineage that began with one slave woman who lived at 1140 Rue Royale—who fell victim to the evil mistress’ torture—and it ends with Lia Purvis herself, who is within days of becoming the curse’s final victim.

The Continuation of 1140 Rue Royale.



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Genre Paranormal
Length 416 pages
Publication Date August 19, 2021
Publisher Badger Bliss Books
ISBN 9781945761362
Cover Designer Karen D. Badger

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1 review for Fifty and One, The – Paperback

  1. lynley f.

    Was completely hooked by 1 and 1/2 pages into book. Excellent story and wonderfully written. Copies of the floor plans, headstones etc. was awesome. On the look out for more to immerse the mind.

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