Coming Around Again

by Beth Burnett

What happens when you meet the right woman at the wrong time? Against all reason, Karma and Jane are drawn together, soulmates destined to fall in love. A few sweet kisses and an acute sense of homecoming lead the young women to believe that they might have met their “one.” However, despite their love and attraction, the two women are torn apart by their fundamental differences.

Brought up in a religious family, Jane is convinced being a lesbian is a sin. Controlled by an emotionally abusive mother, Jane has learned that living under the radar is the best way to survive. Ashamed of her homosexuality, and embarrassed by Karma’s unapologetic lifestyle, Jane decides to come out in the best way that she can—by dating a woman who is also in the closet.

Karma, raised to be proud of herself exactly the way she is, somehow finds herself in an abusive relationship with the darkly sexy Crash. Unable to extricate herself, and shamed by Jane’s apparent embarrassment of Karma’s vibrancy, she gives up on the idea of a happily ever after and focuses instead on becoming the woman Crash wants.

As Karma and Jane try to work through their insecurities and individual circumstances, they keep holding on to that magical first connection. But, both convinced that the moment is lost forever, the women must wrestle with their own desires and demons as they try to find their way back to each other. A set of deeply complex supporting characters alternately help and hinder Karma and Jane as they set out to discover if there is a chance for the two of them, or if true love really only comes once in a lifetime.



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Genre Romance
Length 272 pages
Publication Date August 1, 2018
Publisher Sapphire Books Publishing
ISBN 9781948232289
Editor Heather Flournoy
Cover Designer Treehouse Studio

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