Laurel Cove

by Sarah Turtle

Willa Barton has established herself as a successful author and screenwriter, residing in New York City, a stark contrast from her childhood upbringing in the small island community of Laurel Cove, Maine. Twenty years have passed since Willa’s best friend, Brynn, kissed her, which resulted in Willa accidentally causing permanent injury to Brynn. After being shamed out of town for destroying the future of Laurel Cove’s star athlete, Willa kept her distance; that is, until she receives a call that her father has passed away.

Willa’s plan is simple—she is only going back long enough to tie up loose ends for her father’s estate, sell his house, and attend his funeral. What she doesn’t account for are the past grudges that still exist, a love that was never completely lost, and prospects of friendship. Can Willa right past wrongs to fulfill a promise from the grave so her father can be laid to rest?



Genre Romance
Publication Date March 1, 2019
Publisher Sapphire Books Publishing
ISBN 9781948232548e
Editor Kaycee Hawn
Cover Designer Fineline Cover Design

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