Knight and Dai

by Kay Bigelow

Dai Fremont, a former surgeon and now a recluse, agoraphobe, and all-around curmudgeon, has been ordered to hire another in-home nurse she knows she doesn’t need. Though her body is slowly healing from the catastrophic accident that robbed her of her beloved profession—and the life she knew—the emotional wounds run deep, and the last thing she wants is another nosey, unqualified paraprofessional with a hero complex.

Marti Knight, fresh off a twenty-two-year stint in the Navy as a corpsman, finds herself in idyllic southern California trying to land an assignment with a home-care placement agency. While her butch good looks served her well romantically in her world travels, they seem to be a liability in conservative Orange County, and no potential client will hire her. Marti is desperate for a job and a place to finally settle down, even as she wrestles with a threatening past that she’s been running from for over two decades.

Neither Marti nor Dai is happy about being thrown together in a last-chance, must-work situation, but despite their resistance soon find themselves drawn to one another. Defensive and guarded, they struggle to trust each other with their deepest secrets and pain, both of which could have devastating consequences for the two of them.

They say opposites attract, but they can also destroy. Join these headstrong women as they navigate the minefield of contradictions that make up their tenuous and unlikely relationship in Kay Bigelow’s new romance, Knight & Dai.



Genre Suspense, Romance
Publication Date April 1, 2019
Publisher Sapphire Books Publishing
ISBN 9781948232562e
Editor Heather Flournoy
Cover Designer Fineline Cover Design

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