Destiny's Child

by Barrett Magill

An undercover assignment with Chicago’s homeless community ten years ago left Special Agent Zeke Cabot severely damaged with PTSD—including flashbacks, night sweats, and recurring terrors that have tormented her for a number of years. These lingering elements have faded with treatment like the colors of an ancient watercolor.

After a demoralizing and humiliating divorce, Anne Reynolds, a well-regarded registered nurse, found herself alone and vulnerable. Then, two serendipitous encounters with an exceedingly attractive and deeply secretive woman changed everything. After a roller-coaster courtship of joy and abject terror, life leveled out and produced an opportunity to open an Equine-Assisted Therapy practice which then succeeded beyond her expectations.

Both women put to the wayside the cliché: Never get too comfortable.

Just as they have relaxed into a predictable routine, a phone call from Zeke’s brother asking for their help will change everything they have come to count on. Thirteen-year-old Destiny Cabot may be the most difficult challenge of all.

Both women are pushed to the breaking point by this irreverent, self-absorbed young hellion, just as a mysterious trespasser threatens their safety.

Zeke needs to pull up the knowledge she received in treatment in order to remain focused and both help her niece stay on track and, at the same time, protect her vital relationship with Anne and all she holds dear.

Zeke will ultimately face the glaring demons of her childhood in her young niece, just as Anne’s faith and hard work may bring about an epic life change for all of them.

The Damaged Series Book Five.



Genre Romance
Publication Date July 1, 2019
Publisher Sapphire Books Publishing
ISBN 9781948232661e
Editor Heather Flournoy
Cover Designer TreeHouse Studio

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