Rearview Mirror

by BL Clark

Amber Knight grows up in an abusive home in Eagle Peak. Circumstances cause her to leave in the middle of the night and leave behind everyone she was close to, including her mother and friends. And most importantly, the love of her life, Nicole Brooks. Ten years later, Amber is offered a place in an art show. Unfortunately for Amber, two of the pictures chosen are from her time in Eagle Peak. Amber must return to get release forms signed to show the photos. While back in Eagle Peak, Amber must face her past and those she left behind. Will they accept her reasons for leaving? Will they still be friends? What will happen when the past meets the present?



Genre Romance
Publication Date August 1, 2019
Publisher Sapphire Books Publishing
ISBN 9781948232760e
Editor Tara Young
Cover Designer Fineline Cover Design

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