Hard Luck

by Pascal Scott

After serving five years at the Women’s Correctional Institution in Diablo, California, Elizabeth Taylor Bundy has been transitioned into a halfway house in San Francisco called Omega for six months of community service. On May 31, 1996, if all goes well, Elizabeth will be released out of Omega and placed back into society as a free woman.

Free to do what? Free to work a mind-numbing, dead-end job for minimum wage? No, Elizabeth has a better idea of what to do when she gets out. It’s one last con, and then she’ll have enough money for the rest of her life. It’s the perfect plan—until it isn’t.

For fans of Hard Fall: A McStone and Martinelli Thriller, Hard Luck picks up where Hard Fall ends. For readers who wonder whatever happened to Elizabeth, Hard Luck provides the surprising answer.

An Elizabeth Taylor Bundy Thriller.



Genre Suspense, Romance
Publication Date November 1, 2019
Publisher Sapphire Books Publishing
ISBN 9781948232821e
Editor Tara Young
Cover Designer Fineline Cover Desgin

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