Family Ties

by J.B. Marsden

KJ Roskam finally reaches her goal of a top position in a rural health system. It doesn’t hurt that Valley View Medical Center, in Colorado, is far away from her family in conservative Illinois farm country. In her first meeting, she finds an expert staff and a savvy board of directors, but she also faces the problem that plagues all rural health systems—garnering enough money to serve people without insurance or means to pay for medical care.

Beth Stephens, paramedic and director of Emergency Medical Services for the small rural hospital, meets KJ on a hike in the Rockies. They go their own ways, but somehow keep running into each other. Hannah, Beth’s ex who moved out of state a year ago, surprises her with a new girlfriend, dispelling Beth’s idea that they could continue a long-distance romance.

During a financial crisis at the medical center, Beth and KJ become closer and acknowledge their mutual attraction. Unable to deny their romantic chemistry, KJ needs to confront and heal the homophobic abuse her family heaped upon her long ago before she can give herself to being out and proud in Colorado. Beth, nursing her broken heart, is wary of trusting another woman who may not be able to share all of herself.

Set against the lush backdrop of rural Colorado, KJ and Beth ride the rough trails of their histories seeking a lasting bond, hoping to heal their wounded hearts.



Genre Romance
Publication Date March 15, 2020
Publisher Sapphire Books Publishing
ISBN 9781948232999e
Editor Heather Flournoy
Cover Designer Fineline Cover Design

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