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Bend for Me

by Jessica Yeh

Avery Bennett is a bit of a player. But not without cause. After falling in love and ending up with a broken heart, she vowed never to get attached again. Hardened, Avery is determined to protect herself, not bending and absolutely refusing to break for anyone.

Until now.

When Avery’s best friend drags her to yoga class, she unwillingly finds herself developing feelings for the instructor, who doesn’t fall for her usual pick-up lines. In fact, despite how smooth Avery thought she was, Kadence Cooper is undeniably smoother. But Kadence carries secrets and sorrows of her own. Will they be able to heal and find love again? Or will inflexibility tear them apart?





Genre Young Adult, Romance
Length 338 pages
Publication Date June 26, 2019
Publisher Desert Palm Press
ISBN 9781948327329e
Editor Nat Burns

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