The Life in Death

by Ann & Michele Modtland

Looking down at your dying body is indescribable, yet terrifying and unnatural. I saw my body shaking as my brain delivered its final electrical impulses, my back arching as it desperately sought life-giving air. As I reached down in a frantic attempt to put myself back together, the seizure suddenly stopped. Blood pooled from the hole in my head—a much larger amount than I had expected. Anxious to save myself, I instinctively tried to push the blood back through the hole, but I couldn’t grasp anything. I was intangible. There was a gurgling, moaning sound as my breath left my body. Then everything went still. I panicked and repeatedly tried to get back into my body, but it was useless. My life was finished and my soul—me—had been freed from the confines of the physical world. It was done. There was no going back. I was dead.

Combining strong elements of romance, mystery, and spiritualism, The Life in Death follows the life, death, and life-after-life of Tallon Monroe, a woman grieving over her murdered wife and unborn child. The Life in Death is a story of profound love that transcends the boundary between life and death.

The Life in Death includes violence, abuse, and suicide and is recommended for mature readers.





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Genre Paranormal
Length 176 pages
Publication Date December 10, 2019
Publisher Desert Palm Press
ISBN 9781948327541e
Editor Nat Burns
Cover Designer Tree House Studio

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