Gum for Gracie

by Ona Marae

In the summer of 1974, Bobbie Rossi’s life is near perfect. She’s twenty-eight, has a teaching position at a junior college, a new lesbian lover, and a family she adores. There is only one problem. Her twin sister and her nieces live on the other side of Kansas with a man who is abusive, a man who absolutely hates his wife’s twin and will do anything to prove that hatred.

In trying to help her sister and nieces escape the abuse, Bobbie sets into motion an explosive emotional prairie fire, with Bobbie’s young niece, Gracie, caught in its direct path.

Now, in the aftermath, will working through the abuse of a family, and the guilt spawned by the assault of young Gracie, destroy the life that Bobbie has created? Or will it weave three women and three young girls together in a new family as only love and fire can?

Publishers Note:
This book contains scenes that some readers may find disturbing. Scenes will relate to the occurrence, affect and aftermath of a child raped by her father. Please take note of this before continuing to read this book.





Genre General Fiction
Length 244 pages
Publication Date July 1, 2018
Publisher Flashpoint Publications
ISBN 9781949096002
Editor Nat Burns and Nann Dunne
Cover Designer Acorn Graphics

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