The War Between the Hearts

by Nann Dunne

Intent on serving the Union Army as a spy, Sarah-Bren Coulter disguises herself as a man and becomes a courier-scout for the Confederate Army. Soon the savagery of war shakes her to the core. She stifles her emotions so she can bear the guilt of sending men, and sometimes boys, into paths of destruction.

When Sarah is wounded and in danger of dying, her life is saved by a woman who stirs desire in Sarah for the first time. But Faith Pruitt is Sarah’s enemy, and Sarah is betrayed into a hell worse than she has ever known. Sometimes hearts are killed instead of bodies.

Can Faith save Sarah’s heart and awaken her to love? Do they even want to try? Or are the women destined to be at war with each other forever?

Hearts, Minds, Souls Series Book 1.

Second Edition.



Genre Historical, Romance
Publication Date July 2, 2015
Publisher Golden Keys Publishing
ISBN 9781949096217e

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