The Clash Between the Minds

by Nann Dunne

Sarah-Bren Coulter, her partner, Faith Pruitt, and Faith’s son, Benjamin, are faced with rising turmoil in their community. When Sarah and Benjamin become embroiled in the violence, Faith is appalled by Sarah’s actions and by the obvious dangers those actions pose for her family. Terrified by their involvement in the horrific events, Faith wavers. Should she stay with Sarah and continue to risk Benjamin’s life? Or should she accept the safety and protection of marriage to the town’s doctor?

Tormented by that possibility, Sarah struggles to save their relationship and keep her family intact. Will Sarah regain her family? Can the two women overcome the clash between their minds and prevent a permanent separation?

Hearts, Minds, Souls Series Book 2.

Second Edition.



Genre Historical, Romance
Publication Date July 12, 2015
Publisher Golden Keys Publishing
ISBN 9781949096224e

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