Door Shaker and Other Stories

by Nann Dunne

A collection of “meet the right girl” tales filled with award-winning-author Nann Dunne’s usual charm and wit, Door Shaker And Other Stories will excite your imagination and warm your heart.

Who is My Girl on the Wall, and what inspiration does she give to a lonesome heart?

What is the ultimate Special Delivery for a woman en route to love?

Can the restoration of The Broken Teddy Bear heal a torn relationship?

How does a young girl’s pirate map point a ship’s captain to Unexpected Treasure?

Can the Dominoes women’s club find a spot for a new member who is playing for love?

Who is the Door Shaker, and how does she fight the wrongs perpetrated by an unjust society?



Genre Short Stories, Romance
Publication Date September 16, 2012
Publisher Golden Keys Publishing
ISBN 9781949096248e

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