Hayefield Manor

by Jody Klaire

Hayefield Manor is not a welcoming place…

Medically retired ex-DCI Morgan Lloyd is persuaded by her good friend to take on a different type of case as a private investigator. However, Lady Sophie Haye is not exactly innocent and even with her smoldering charm, breathtaking beauty, the more Morgan investigates, the more guilty Lady Haye appears…yet the harder it becomes for Morgan to break free.

Her old colleagues begin to close the net around Lady Haye, and Morgan needs to make her decision: does she let the case go and walk away while she still can, or does she stick by a woman who has captivated her and just hope she’s not being lured in by a killer?



Genre Mystery
Length 334 pages
Publication Date June 20, 2020
Publisher Bedazzled Ink
ISBN 9781949290318e
Cover Designer Sappling Studio

Customer Reviews

1 review for Hayefield Manor – eBook

  1. jordanas (verified owner)

    Jody Klaire is always a delight to read. A gifted storyteller, Jody creates characters that are hot, vulnerable, sassy and sexy with all the bits in between. Hayefield Manor¬†ticks all the boxes for entertainment and suspense. If you like your women strong and stroppy with a decent dose of humanity, let this author weave her spell on you. Also, if you haven’t read the Above and Beyond series, the depth and breadth of this author’s storytelling ability becomes apparent very quickly. Such fun.

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