Bus Driver Brice

by A.L. Conner

Brice Johnson is just an ordinary person. She spends way too much time on the internet, spoils her pets rotten, and hates washing the dishes. One of the few things odd about her is she loves her job as a bus driver.

Brice comes from a long line of superheroes. Everyone she interacts with on a daily basis has some type of superpower. Brice herself is what they call a baron in the world of superheroes—meaning she’s someone who should have special powers but doesn’t. In other words, just an ordinary person with an ordinary bus driving job for the International High School for Gifted Students.

Brice has lived twenty-seven years perfectly content with her unexciting life—her greatest challenge has been to find a girlfriend who doesn’t dump her. Like Bilbo Baggins, she views adventures as nasty, uncomfortable things that makes you late for dinner. An urgent middle-of-the-night call from Noel, an old friend with the ability to create ice from thin air, flips her contented life upside down as she reluctantly agrees to embark on an adventure to save the International High School from a nefarious group of supervillains.

Little does Brice know that once you start adventuring, life has a way of flinging adventures at you from every angle. As she meets each adventure head on, she discovers being a baron can be your own special hero.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Brice Johnson Book 1.



Genre Action/Adventure
Length 232 pages
Publication Date November 23, 2021
Publisher Bedazzled Ink
ISBN 9781949290745e
Cover Designer Sapling Studio

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