An Unlit Candle

by Caren J. Werlinger

The long-awaited follow-up to In This Small Spot.

Patricia Horrigan is the eldest daughter of a family determined to gain entry into the upper echelons of Rochester society as the 1950s give way to the turbulence of the 60s. Born of an Irish father and a French-Canadian mother, Pip inherited the stubborn pride and fierce determination of both. With her life in the family business all planned out, she is most definitely not interested in throwing it all away to become a nun. But some calls will not be ignored, no matter how hard she tries. Fifty years later, she can’t help but wonder if her choices and sacrifices were worth it.

In present time, Lauren Thackeray has managed to put her life back together—in a manner of speaking. She has her weaving, her home, her chosen family, and she has the monastery and the lasting friendship of the nuns there. The one thing she doesn’t have, she doesn’t want. She won’t open her heart again after she barely survived the last time.

Gail Bauer is questioning her own vocation as an Episcopal priest. How can she minister to others when she’s not sure she believes anymore? In desperation, she flees, hoping to find answers.

In the shadow of St. Bridget’s Abbey, three very different women will need one another—to come to terms with their demons, to heal, and to rekindle the light that life has all but snuffed out.





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Genre General Fiction
Length 121,000 words
Publication Date September 17, 2021
Publisher Corgyn Publishing
ISBN 9781953070043e
Cover Designer Patty G. Henderson

Customer Reviews

1 review for Unlit Candle, An – eBook

  1. Wendy (verified owner)

    Caren J. Werlinger writes beautifully, and this book is no exception.
    Her stories will touch you like no other… so heart-wrenching, at the same time so heart warming…
    Once you start reading, you’ll be swept up and you cant put it down.

    Thanks for this story Caren! Love how you weaved the stories together and the timespan. Amazing how you illustrated reality and life choices, surely drawing grins or swears each time you bring my emotions to extremes.
    Somehow both of these books reminds me of ‘invisible as music’.
    Looking forward to your next project!

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