Thirsty Thursdays

by Elena Graf

Hobbs, Maine, is gradually reopening after the lockdown. Town doctor Liz Stolz has begun a new tradition, Thirsty Thursdays, a weekly cocktail party on her deck, so her friends can socialize safely.

Architect Samantha McKinnon has recently moved to Maine to start a renovation business. Liz recommends Sam to do a bathroom remodel for the most hated woman in town, Olivia Enright—a super-rich, retired hedge fund manager whose outspoken, right-wing views have alienated everyone, especially police chief, Brenda Harrison. Meanwhile, Brenda’s budding relationship with her biracial girlfriend, Cherie Bois, is on rocky ground after the high-profile death of a black man at the hands of the police.

An impulsive kiss shakes up friendships and relationships. Meanwhile, pretentious, overbearing Olivia is pursuing Sam and trying to find her way into the tight-knit group. Will the down-to-earth, independent women of Hobbs accept an outsider who’s so different?

Hobbs Series Book 4.



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Genre General Fiction
Length 282 pages
Publication Date October 22, 2020
Publisher Purple Hand Press
ISBN 9781953195036

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