Summer People

by Elena Graf

This sixth volume of the Hobbs series shows how a caring, inter-generational community can help everyone make the right connections. After a dark winter of loss and isolation, the summer people are returning, including forty-something Melissa Morgenstern, a trust lawyer from Boston. Melissa has been working remotely since the pandemic began. She has temporarily moved to Maine to comfort her widowed mother. Up to now, Melissa’s devotion to her tight-knit Jewish family and her legal career have made relationships difficult. Town doctor, Liz Stolz introduces her to the new assistant principal of the elementary school, Courtney Barnes. Courtney has a daughter and considers herself bi, which raises red flags for Melissa, but they make plans to live together. Then Melissa’s law firm insists everyone return to the office.

Liz has been hoping for a relationship with Rev. Lucy Bartlett, who is still in mourning. To demonstrate that she’s reformed. Liz tones down her mischief-making, flirtatious behavior and helps Lucy study for her grad school exams. They seem headed for a relationship when their courtship is interrupted by the arrival of Lucy’s ex, the woman who inspired Lucy to become a priest. Susan secretly wants to rekindle the relationship, but that’s not the only secret she’s keeping.

Hobbs Series Book 6.



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Genre General Fiction
Length 292 pages
Publication Date August 19, 2021
Publisher Purple Hand Press
ISBN 9781953195098

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