In Her Cage

by Danielle Grainger

In Her Cage is a lesbian/asexual interracial polyamorous erotic romance with BDSM aspects including Dominance and submission. Jaleesa Whitmore is a lesbian Domme in and out of fast relationships fueled by sex. Although she had almost one full year sober, she was done with sobriety. A fateful encounter with a stranger, who would become a trusted friend, halted her downslide. Tina Jenkins likes women but is asexual and afraid to try for another relationship. Just shy of eleven years clean of her opioid addiction following a dental procedure, her parents carefully constructed and monitored everything in her world. It didn’t matter that she was thirty-one years old and still living in the pink bedroom in her parents’ house. She was clean and that’s all that mattered, until asexual Tina meets promiscuous Jaleesa. And everything changed. For both of them.

Denton Heights Book 2.





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Genre Erotica, Romance
Length 360 pages
Publisher Bibi Books
ISBN 9781953734280e

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