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Lucky 8

by Rae D. Magdon

Sasha Young, leader of the Lucky 7, has unfinished business. Her eighth clone is ready for activation, but this time, she won’t be passing on her memories. Caring for a newly autonomous being that shares her DNA is challenging enough, but the situation gets complicated when Ford Andrews, a prominent CEO, hires the Lucky 7 for one last job. His payment? Information about how Sasha’s parents really died. Elena Nevares is in over her head. What began as a short trip to awaken Sasha’s clone has turned into one dangerous situation after another. All the while, her brothers and grandmother are waiting in Barbados, without her protection. With foes old and new trying to take down her crew, can she justify putting her family in danger for them, and for a future she isn’t sure she believes in?

Lucky Breaks Book 2.





Genre Science Fiction
Length 300 pages
Publication Date March 4, 2021
Publisher Desert Palm Press
ISBN 9781954213104e
Editor Cal Faolin & Kellie Doherty
Cover Designer Rachel George

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