Daughter of Ankou

by Kim Pritekel

As promised by Enori, the mysterious Head Priestess of the Order of Ankou, Fallon and Cateline receive an addition to their royal family—a newborn found in the woods. The prince and princess of Sursha are thrilled to welcome baby Roishin into their home at Caisleán Thíar.

Nearly thirteen years later, the girl has proven to be far more than meets the eye. Intelligent, curious, and feisty, Roishin keeps everyone in the castle on their toes. Her parents know it’s time to reveal the deepest family secret to Roishin—that her “father,” Prince Fallon, heir to the throne of Sursha, is really a woman.

As Roishin adjusts to this new reality, she is also struggling with changes of her own, including abilities she cannot explain and new feelings for her best friend and personal attendant. Her behavior might simply be explained as adolescence rearing its chaotic head, but this is no normal child.

When Enori comes back into their lives to claim Roishin for the Order, things begin to take a dark turn. Ghosts, visions, unbridled rage, and unmitigated fear plague the family as an ancient evil threatens to tear apart the world as they know it. Can the burgeoning teenage Daughter of Ankou right a wrong before it’s too late?



Genre Romance, Fantasy
Publication Date October 15, 2023
Publisher Sapphire Books Publishing
ISBN 9781959929086e
Editor Heather Flournoy
Cover Designer Fineline Cover Design

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