Having Honor

by Kim Pritekel

At almost thirty years old, Honor Hayes is yet again dealing with the dumpster fire that has become her life. The queen of self-sabotage, she packs up her car and leaves town before the fallout after sleeping with her boss’ wife.

Out of options, she reaches out to her cousin, Liberty Faulkner and is offered work with her Uncle Steven’s construction company in the small, Colorado mountain town of Wynter.

Accepting the offer, her intention is simply to get back on her feet and get back on the road. But then, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Greek beauty, Amalia is in what is essentially a forced marriage to wealthy salon owner, Nocola Russo. She’s far more valuable to him for her looks and phenomenal body than her skills working in one of his high-end salons.

Constantly under threat for any move her controlling husband doesn’t like—particularly if she were to get pregnant – Amalia is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice for her unborn child.

She must escape.

A network of underground advocacy groups helps Amalia steal away to the other side of the country, where she is hidden in Wynter, Colorado. There, she just wants to finally be free to start over and have her baby and live in peace.

There, not only does she find the maternal embrace of Lady Wynter, but also brash tumbleweed, Honor. Will they find their way together, or will Honor yet again blow up her own life?

Journey back to Wynter as she once again wraps a new pair of lost souls into her fold, while saying goodbye to a beloved resident.



Genre Romance
Publication Date April 15, 2023
Publisher Sapphire Books Publishing
ISBN 9781959929222e
Editor Heather Flournoy
Cover Designer Fineline Cover Desgin

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