Unemployed Brice

by A.L. Conner

In the continuing Extraordinary Adventures of Brice Johnson, Brice wakes up in the hospital after Virus drops her into a vat of toxic waste. She’s not dead, but something’s not quite right. In fact, nothing is quite right. Everything and everyone are the opposite of who they should be, like superheroes and supervillains keep themselves hidden from the public and, to her horror, her bus driving job doesn’t exist. She loves her job.

Brice figures out how to get everything back to normal. Too normal when she realizes her plunge into the toxic waste did not create a mutation to give her a superpower, and the supervillains still are chasing her—with a vengeance. Fearing for her children’s safety, Judy Watson wants Greer and John to move out of Brice’s home. Then, in a final blow, the superhero committee strips Brice of her job because being the target of supervillains endangers her students.

Now unemployed and heartbroken Brice chooses the one option that totally erases her existence, leaving her friends and family with the task of figuring out why the supervillains are relentlessly pursuing plain, ordinary Brice.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Brice Johnson Book 2.



Genre Action/Adventure
Length 204 pages
Publication Date February 1, 2023
Publisher Bedazzled Ink
ISBN 9781960373007e
Cover Designer Sapling Studio

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