On Deception's Edge Trilogy

by Lise MacTague

Depths of Blue
A moment’s hesitation. A flicker of doubt. Two women on a collision course set off a chain reaction of intergalactic intrigue—and awaken a dangerous passion that could cost them their lives.

Heights of Green
When a militia member dies and Jak disappears, Torrin begins a desperate race against time. This time around, Jak’s life depends on her.

Vortex of Crimson
As their search intensifies, Torrin and Jak realize that despite all of the obstacles in their way, one thing is clear—they can at least depend on each other. But will that be enough?



Genre Science-Fiction, Romance
Publication Date October 13, 2016
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781963587421e

Customer Reviews

1 review for On Deception’s Edge Trilogy – eBook

  1. mcqueent (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this whole trilogy. It reminded me of Elizabeth Moon’s Vatta’s War series, but on a delightfully personal level. The world-building is straightforward but still contains complex characters and motivations. High marks on the scifi tech elements as well – you’ll giggle at the AI’s subtle antics.

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